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NCS OpScan 8


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OpScan 8

     An easy-to-use, durable scanner for fast, cost-effective data enty

OpScan 8OpScan 8


Optional Features

Dual-side, reflective read head for faster two-sided document scanning.
Ink read heads to scan both pen and pencil.
Programmable interactive printer that prints information--such as error codes, alphanumeric messages, serial numbers, validation flags, and test scores--based on data that is scanned with no effect on the throughput rate.
Bar code attachment delivers immediate, automatic bar code identification.
Download capability permits ASCII-coded output which simplifies implementation when non-PC computers are used.
300 sheet autofeed
Up to 5,000 sheets per hour
100 sheet auxiliary output tray


An Aid in Business

The OpScan 8 scanner enhances productivity by collecting and transforming data into useable information quickly and efficiently.  A full spectrum of industries choose the OpScan 8 canner for applications such as :

Human Resources Customer Relations Operations Health Care Public Safety
Employees Surveys Customer Surveys Safety Certification Patient Encounter Crash
Testing/Certification Balloting Quality Measurement Outcome Measurement Incidents
Time reporting/Payroll Conference evaluation Order Entry Patient Satisfaction EMS reporting

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